Basel declaration

29th November, 2012

Swimming together in murky waters

Swimming together in murky waters

Illustration by John Tenniel

Basic research with animals as experimental subjects is essential if we hope to understand the brain. The ethical standards to which we hold ourselves and by which we conduct those experiments are a measure of our humanity.

Kernel density estimation for circular functions

28th March, 2014
A circular distribution (blue line) estimated using a kernel density method.

Matlab code for performing kernel density estimates on periodic and aperiodic domains, for unidimensional and multidimensional data.

The myth of the Scientist-Priest

Letter to the Editor

5th March, 2013

Eliane Glaser trots out the old "science is a gated community" argument, with scientists as priests or gatekeepers with "privileged access" to the minutiae of the natural world ("Prof Brian Cox: physicist or priest?"). This feels particularly mean-spirited considering the target of her epithets is none other than Brian Cox, who spends a considerable portion of his days striving to make science accessible to non-scientists...