The myth of the Scientist-Priest

Letter to the Editor

5th March, 2013

Eliane Glaser trots out the old "science is a gated community" argument, with scientists as priests or gatekeepers with "privileged access" to the minutiae of the natural world ("Prof Brian Cox: physicist or priest?"). This feels particularly mean-spirited considering the target of her epithets is none other than Brian Cox, who spends a considerable portion of his days striving to make science accessible to non-scientists...


Matlab integration for Slack

19th November, 2014

Hash Tag

Hash Tag

Basic integration to send notifications to Slack from Matlab, via an Incoming Webhooks integration. Sending message attachments along with a notification is supported.

Kernel density estimation for circular functions

28th March, 2014
A circular distribution (blue line) estimated using a kernel density method.

Matlab code for performing kernel density estimates on periodic and aperiodic domains, for unidimensional and multidimensional data.