Kernel density estimation for circular functions

28th March, 2014
A circular distribution (blue line) estimated using a kernel density method.

Matlab code for performing kernel density estimates on periodic and aperiodic domains, for unidimensional and multidimensional data.

How connectivity rules affect cortical behaviour

Analytical examination of eigenvalue spectra

24th April, 2015
An example eigenvalue spectrum for a sparse network.

How does the behaviour and stability of a neuronal network depend on the connectivity rules used to build it? A common approach is to build many stochastic instances of a network, tweak the parameters, simulate and analyse, and then try to derive an impression about stability. We instead used an analytical approach, to directly relate connectivity rules and parameters to bounds on stability.

The brain's social network

Nerve cells interact like friends on Facebook

4th February, 2015

Neurons in the brain are wired like a social network, report researchers from Biozentrum, University of Basel. Each nerve cell has links with many others, but the strongest bonds form between the few cells most similar to each other.